The site

The project team have spent a great deal of time discussing and negotiating with the existing residents at numbers 44 to 80 New Heston Road and 109 Westbrook Road, sharing ideas and listening to feedback to inform these proposals.

The location of the site can be seen in the map below. 

The diagram below shows our site and its surroundings.

The site proposed for the development is shown within the red line. It contains the following:

a. Lower southern frontage – enables good daylight and sunlight into central garden space
b. Lower ‘mews’ houses facing south – Transition in scale, much lower, towards the suburban character to the west of the site
c. Lower 2-storey house stepping down to form an appropriate ‘connection’ to retained neighbour
d. 3 storey houses, arranged as a terrace but paired to create a strong rhythm
e. Taller central building, forming part of the transition in scale, but located at a key point to mark the new Lane through the site
f. The Lane – a shared surface and local link through the scheme. Opens the site to public use, a convenient stage in the walk to Westbrook Primary School
g. Taller blocks of flatted blocks


The local area contains the following:

1. Heston Local Centre – Greater intensity of uses and amenities. Some larger scale buildings. Gradient of importance and scale should tend upwards towards this end of the site
2. Recent residential development opposite – greater height and intensification. Flatted development close to the local centre and Heston park
3. Large footprint workshop buildings – industrial sheds – limited quality
4. Allotments – vast expanse of visual amenity south of the site – scale of space to accommodate larger buildings, and valuable green outlook
5. Westbrook Road – Suburban character leading south to Westbrook Primary School – an important local destination
6. 82 New Heston Road – retained house. High quality building, familiar in the streetscene on an important influence on the form of the proposed neighbouring buildings.
7. Existing short terrace of houses opposite, as part of recent regeneration. Contemporary design and 3 storeys.
8. Footway to Heston Park – convenient link to the amenities of the park and the Leisure Centre.
9. Fairlands Court – a 3-5 storey development of apartments and houses with surface car parking
10. Bank Yard - a 2-4 storey development of apartments and houses with surface car parking
11. Chrislea Close - a 2-5 storey development of apartments and houses with surface car parking
12. Heston Park – a large communal open space with sports facilities and a playground


There have been a number of new developments in the local area that range in height from 2-5 storeys and are a mix of houses and apartments. Here are some examples. 

1) Fairlands

2) Bank Yard

3) Chrislea



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