Holistic Approach 

The site will be developed in line with Hounslow and GLA policies. We wish to create a sense of place and belonging that responds to site constraints and mitigates known environmental impacts. We will also be providing high-quality play space for children up to the age of 11 to enjoy. We will significantly enhance the quality of the landscape and maximise biodiversity by responding to findings in our ecological surveys. We will also produce a landscape management plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of our proposals. Lighting will be carefully considered to ensure that it provides adequate coverage for prospective residents and visitors but is sympathetic to our neighbours. We are also looking at incorporating green roofs.  

Streetscape and public realm 

Our landscape design will visually improve New Heston Road and the character and appearance of the local area.
Above: The image shows the new landscape features in the context of the local area. 

Residential gardens 

The aim of the residential gardens is to create a sanctuary for residents. The space will be pleasing to the eye but functional in use. It has been designed to maximise the use of space. The residential gardens will feature a variety of different planting. The planting of trees has been carefully considered to mitigate wind within the gardens. The residential gardens will incorporate doorstep play, this will allow parents to keep an eye on their children. 
Above: The image shows the variety of trees you can expect to see on site. We will be planting new trees and also retaining trees.

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