Varied design

The site will feature a variety of complementary designs that will combine to form a new community. 

A: Street houses

At the Western end of New Heston Road we will provide new homes that reflect the existing character of the area. The first image, above, shows New Heston Road, with the unchanged property No. 82 towards the right. Having the front doors set back from the main street will provide privacy for residents. The front garden walls help to continue the character established by number 82, providing further privacy for residents.

B: Mews Houses

At the southern part of the site, adjacent to the allotment, these homes will also have front doors set back from the street and walled front gardens. Mews Houses and Street Houses will all have private gardens. 

C: The Lane
The Lane

The Lane will feature a weaving landscaped route through the site connecting New Heston Road and Westbrook Road. It will be a road with low levels of vehicle activity. This will provide a safe journey for pedestrians and cyclists and a convenient way to get to Westbrook Primary School. This will provide a high level of visibility across the communal and public parts of the site, enhancing the feeling of wellbeing. There will be generous communal entrances to the buildings. These will provide clear signage for residents of the buildings and their visitors as well as accessibility for all users.

D: Communal garden

The garden will have an interactive play area with space to grow a variety of plants. This will encourage social interaction and contribute to the sense of community.

E: New apartments
Urban point

This image shows the eastern boundary of the site. Hidden parking along the eastern boundary will conceal the presence of vehicles from passers-by. Along with the removal of driveway parking, this will help improve the character and quality of New Heston Road, allowing for a widened and improved public realm.

Below, you can see views of New Heston Road looking East and West.


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