Key benefits

rp3.jpgAbove:  The picture shows the homes to the south of the site, adjacent to the allotments. 

The proposals will deliver a number of benefits including:  

Creating a new neighbourhood of approx. 170 homes and a sense of community.

Integrating a scheme with the surrounding area. 

Forming opportunities for the new and existing communities to integrate. 

Providing safe areas for people to walk through the development, giving priority to their safety and comfort.

Establishment of a landscape inspired design comprising houses, duplexes and apartments. 

Creating outdoor amenity spaces for the residents to enjoy, socialise and relax in. 

Building somewhere for residents to live and create homes together.

Providing safe and secure play spaces for children, which are easy to get to, and easy for parents and carers to monitor.

Providing each dwelling with their own private amenity space with generous gardens for family homes. 

A mixture both of types of tenure and of forms to create a sustainable community

Targeting up to 35% affordable housing. 

A sustainable level of parking in this accessible location in line with local and London policies.

Westbrook Primary School and Heston park in walking distance.

Low carbon homes

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